How to resolve admin page opening issue after tomcat configuration in eclipse


So often you would have noticed after tomcat configuration in eclipse, the admin start page never opens!


Eclipse doesn’t copy the default application folders (e.g. ROOT) when it creates the tomcat specific folder inside the workspace.


  1. Go to your “eclipse-workspace -> .metadata -> .plugins -> org.eclipse.wst.server.core -> tmp<number> -> wtpwebapps” directory
  2. Copy the ROOT folder from your “apache installation home -> webapps” directory to the directory mentioned in Step 1.  If prompted with overwrite dialog box, select yes and proceed.
  3. Reload http://localhost/ page. Admin start page should now open without any issues!

2 thoughts on “How to resolve admin page opening issue after tomcat configuration in eclipse”

  1. In Tomcat 7.0 at least, you have to edit conf/tomcat-users.html and add manager-gui role + some users. Haven’t tried with eclipse though.


    1. yes! You need to include the following (just an example) entry to your tomcat-users.xml file to be able to login as a manger and view the manager-gui page and do tasks such as application deployment.

        <role rolename="manager-gui"/>
        <user username="test" password="test" roles="manager-gui,admin"/>

      The above post was mainly to address the issue i faced so many times wherein after starting the tomcat server instance inside my eclipse, i was not able to open the admin page from the browser.


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